Cyber Protection

COVERAGE DESCRIPTION: Cybercriminals may cause loss, corruption, or destruction of data files and programs, and may result in a breach of sensitive personal information or holding your files for ransom. Cyber Protection pays the cost of a technology firm to restore the electronic device and its programs, help restore the financial losses suffered by the breach, and provide forensic IT review to determine the extent of the breach and identity of the affected individuals.

IS THIS OPTION RIGHT FOR YOU AND TIPS ON SELECTING A LIMIT: Internet fraud is everywhere and no one is immune to lose. If you rely on your electronic devices and would suffer harm from a Cyberattack, then this option is for you. With IT firms charging as high as $125 an hour, and forensic IT firms ever higher, we recommend a higher limit of coverage.

CLAIM EXAMPLE: A home computer system was infected with a virus, causing damage to their computer and several email recipients to also become infected. The cost of repairs to the insured’s system and the liability for others whose systems were infected was nearly $6,000.