Stand For Generosity awarded 4 deserving individuals.   The goal of Stand For Generosity is to identify and reward individuals for their GENEROUS ACTS of KINDNESS.    This spring, the winners include a Streetsboro resident age 18+, a Streetsboro High School Student, and a Streetsboro Middle School Student.

Joanne Pem – Streetsboro Resident Age 18+

Essay:   I would like to nominate my wife (AKA, Elf Hollie) who gives of her time every year to families in need. We are a Streetsboro resident where both my wife and daughter are graduates of Streetsboro High School. For the past three years, my wife has raised money through potlucks to put families in need on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad’s Polar Express. With tickets costing $50 each, you can imagine this is no easy task every year. This past year, through her giving back, she has opened the hearts of others to give back as well. This year’s recipient received 4 tickets aboard the Polar Express as well as brand new pajamas for the kids, their very own personal copy of the Polar Express book, money for them to spend in the concession car and $200 in gift cards so the family could purchase Christmas gifts.

Not only does she give these amazing packages to these families, she also volunteers as an elf about 6 nights a week aboard the train bringing smiles to all passengers as well as holding down a full time job. I had the pleasure of riding the Polar Express the night the family was on board and my wife was playing Elf Hollie and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I heard several comments throughout the train ride of how impressed everyone was with her. Riders and volunteers alike. She continues to amaze me every day with the way she brings smiles to the faces of everyone on that train. I am truly blessed and thankful to be married to such an amazing woman who puts everyone else before her.

She was recently recognized through the railroad for her efforts when they made her the volunteer spotlight for the month of December. Not only is she an inspiration to me but to everyone she meets. So thank you for your consideration and I hope you find my wife as inspiring as I do.

Nominated by William Pen

Brianna Saucier – Streetsboro High School co-winner

Essay: I would like to nominate Brianna Saucier for the Stand for Generosity award. Brianna is a senior at Streetsboro High School and has been giving back to her community for many years. In fact, Brianna has over 200 hours of volunteer and community service throughout the past five years.

From helping the elderly by volunteering at a nursing home to helping some of the younger members of our community purchase holiday gifts for their family members, Brianna’s dedication to service knows no age. She extends her help within our schools by serving as a mentor for underclassmen and working elementary school concession stands at Defer Intermediate sporting events. Her love for God and her love for athletics is apparent as she serves her church by singing, coordinating camps for children and teens, and coaching soccer and basketball. Brianna describes herself as a person of compassion, integrity, and determination, and I could not agree more with the words she has chosen.

As her school counselor, I have personally witnessed Brianna grow into the fine citizen she is over the past two years. I know she would be extremely humbled and awfully proud to know that her service has not gone unnoticed. I enthusiastically submit this nomination for a young lady that will go on serving her community because of her tremendous heart and dedication to helping others.

Nominated by Kelly Simmons

Preston Collins – Streetsboro High School co-winner

Essay: I am truly honored to nominate Preston Collins for the Stand Up for Generosity Award. He is truly a stand-up student and a great person.

I had the privilege to get to know Preston this year through his volunteer work with my students. I am the teacher for the students with multiple disabilities at Streetsboro High School, and at the beginning of this school year, Preston asked if he could “hang out” with my kids for one period each day. He has done a fantastic job! His kindness and patience and natural ability with persons with special needs is a wonderful gift!

Not only does he care for them, but he has also become a true friend and mentor to them. He recently joined the Recycling Club so that he could spend more time with them every day, and he sits at their lunch table every lunch period. As if this was not enough, Preston also makes deals with the kids that if they work hard, get good grades, and try new activities, he will buy those treats from the snack line at lunch. His patience, his devotion, and his love for them makes me cry tears of joy.

This essay doesn’t fully do Preston justice, but he is a kind young man who is generous with his time, his character, and his financial resources. I cannot think of a student more deserving of the Stand Up for Generosity Award.

Nominated by Billie Rossman

Zachery Garrett – Streetsboro Middle School winner

The eighth grade students wrote a paper, unaware that they were entering a contest.  The students were primed, “If you had $250 to give to a generous person, who would you nominate and why?”   Zachery nominated his grandma Delma Garrett.   His dream of giving her a check is now reality!  Click here to read Zachery’s winning paper.