Chrissy Motz is the winner of the award.   Born with an intellectual challenge and physical limitations, Chrissy has raised over $25,000 for Special Olympics. And she’s only 24 years old!

Her first introduction to Special Olympics started when she was 8 years old.  She was retrofitted with adaptive equipment and competed in the speed skating event while using a walker.   Her mom said “she was real fast on the ice, but she didn’t know how to stop!  But that didn’t stop Chrissy.”

Chrissy first starting raising money for Special Olympics at a young age by selling water at her parent’s yard sales and giving the profits to her Special Olympic skating group. It was not much money, but it was just the start for Chrissy to really giving back.  Her next step in raising money was by doing the Polar Plunge at age 16.   Eight years later, she has raised over $25,000 for Special Olympics, with her annual Polar Plunge goal of $3000.  She also has a Polar Plunge Team, and her team of ten has a goal of raising a combined $6000.

Her “piggy bank” coffee can was present at the award ceremony and she was able to raise $550, which is well on her way of reaching her $3000 goal for this year’s event.  And her team grew by at least two more.  While at the event, Streetsboro’s Mayor  (Glenn Broska) and Streetsboro’s Wal-Mart’s Store Manager (Steve Grant) both agreed to take the Plunge this upcoming winter.

Motz received two $500 checks.  The first check she must keep, and the second check she must give away.  Chrissy has already requested that the “pay it forward” check be given towards Special Olympics (to nobody’s surprise!). 

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