Working with clients and insurance companies for the best claims resolution.


When there’s a claim, McMichael Insurance works with the client and the insurance company to make sure that the claim is paid fairly and in a timely fashion.


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When we get the phone call that there’s a claim, our first duty of responsibility is to connect our client with the insurance company. The insurance company then sends out an adjuster who will work with the claim. Now an adjuster’s job is to make sure the claim is paid properly. Not too much. Not too little, just what the policy says. And that’s the tension a lot of times. We’re very thankful that in this case with Skyview Ranch, we were assigned a large loss adjuster who knew his policy. Steve Parker was his name and Steve was great. We made his job so easy that he didn’t have to worry about denials or coverage rejections. He just wrote the checks.

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It wasn’t shortly after that meeting of the day of the fire that there was another board meeting scheduled. At that time, Gerald McMichael was present at the meeting, and he brought along the insurance adjuster. He introduced us to him and from that point on, the insurance adjuster helped us work through a lot of the process. Very valuable time that we would spend with him as he would travel in and work through a number of issues and scenarios with us. It was just a very valuable experience.

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The one advantage of Steve coming in as the large loss adjuster is that he really focused us. He knew what he was doing. He was very good at it, and he helped us focus on what we needed to think through. What’s important. What’s key. What are the next steps we take for discussion. Steve’s help with this was great. He gave his advice. What we needed. He had a lot of experience about types of buildings. How to think about construction, which comes first? Who do you hire first? How do you get your architect? How do you build. Great help in all that. And of course it was a good thing that the policy had enough coverage for what we needed. McMichael Insurance had done an excellent job giving us coverage that we needed. On top of that was the blanket coverage so we didn’t have to cut corners to try to figure out how we going to do what was needed without coming up short. We didn’t have to do that. We were well covered, and we were able to then move forward without any worries about the financial part. The cleanup would happen. There was coverage to cover all the contents, all the rebuilding, all of the redrawing to meet the new codes and then, of course, to build.

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Most adjusters will submit a letter of recommendation and yet that’s exactly what Steve Parker gave us talking about how easy it was referring to our communication with the client. But here’s the best thing for the client. At the end of the day, the way we had that policy structured, the client collected over $1,000,000 more in settlement than they would have received under the previous policy that was written for them. So we’re very proud of what we do and we’re very thankful that we get to serve our clients. My name is Gerald McMichael. You know me and now you know a little more about insurance and a little more about what we do. Thank you.

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