The value of Umbrella Insurance.


An Umbrella Insurance policy can provide needed protection when the coverage for home and/or auto insurance have been exhausted.


“I looked down. I didn’t mean to do it. It was just so fast. Next thing I know, the car was upon me and I hit him and the girl. The ambulance showed up and they took the girl away. It was bad.”

These type of accidents happen. We get these calls all the time. They come into us and people are upset. They hurt someone, and they hurt them badly and they’re scared. So when our clients are scared, we’re there to protect them.

Every auto policy has a coverage limit on it, and that limit could be exhausted. The attorneys are after maxing out your policy. And, of course, the party that you hit is after maxing it out. And when that happens, the auto policy can be totally exhausted.

What happens if that policy gets exhausted? We need to protect you. We recommend that you purchase a $1 million umbrella insurance policy. The $1 million umbrella insurance policy, and we can go up to 5 million as well, is there to protect you when you go above and exceed the automobile policy limits. That policy can run as little as $150 a year for $1,000,000 insurance policy. It also covers your homeowners policy as well.

My name is Dennis McMichael, vice president at McMichael Insurance. Now you know me. Now you know a little more about insurance.

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