Structuring a proper policy of insurance for your business.


With a half century of proven experience, McMichael Insurance will structure an insurance policy that meets the specific requirements of your business.


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Well, unfortunately insurance claims do happen. And that’s the exact reason you buy insurance. But with that said, you want an insurance agent that’s been in business long enough to have experienced many different claim types with their clients. It’s that experience that helps us structure a proper policy of insurance for you. We understand what happens when there’s a fire loss, who’s going to clean up the debris that’s there. And that’s exactly what Floyd is talking about in this next video.

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By going through a fire of this magnitude, it’s really important that you have an insurance company that has thought through all of the details. You don’t want just the lowest quote because you may find yourself far short of what you need in order to rebuild. So again, we’re very thankful that McMichael Insurance has a lot of experience. They thought through all the details. And so they covered all of the contingencies, all the extra things that you don’t normally think about when you’re buying insurance.

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So it wasn’t too far into the process of meeting with our insurance agent and meeting with the adjuster to really step back and realize just how important it was that we just had an excellent policy in place prior to the fire. It’s one of those things that if your policy isn’t in place prior to a tragic event, then it’s too late. As much as I really may not understand all aspects of insurance, I do value the relationship that we had with McMichael Insurance. Just recognizing the trust that they had established and earned and maintained from the relational aspect that when it came time for us to really draw upon insurance, we were able to work very closely with the McMichaels and we appreciated all of that.

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My name is Gerald McMichael. You know me and now you know a little more about insurance.

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