Sewer and water backup can be an expensive problem for your home.


Sewer and water backup can cause a lot of expensive problems in your home. It is wise to have insurance protection for it.


I want to talk about backup of sewers or drains insurance coverage: What it is, why you need it and how much it costs.

Backup of sewers or drain coverage is the #2 most common claim that we receive. When it comes to homeowners insurance claims, backup of sewers or drains is one of three exclusions that’s in every single homeowner’s policy.

When a backup of a sewer drain occurs, it’s when water can’t go out through the sewer system or through your septic tank system. So the sewer backs up into your basement. It could also be drains unrelated to sewers. When the sewer or drain water hits your basement or hits the slab because maybe you don’t have a basement, the water is going to wick up your basement drywall about 18 inches.

It will take a minimum of five days to dry out the damage from this “gray water.” This is water that’s not drinkable. If we can get the gray water extracted out of your house within 48 hours, we’ll be able to save all of your carpet and all of your drywall. If we can’t save it, we’re going to replace it. 

Now “black water” is water that’s been in your house more than 48 hours. Either the water has not yet  been extracted or it can’t be extracted. Black water has things like floating toilet paper and other gross stuff in it. That’s also a biohazard issue. Anything black water touches must be thrown out and that’s going to be quite expensive.

Our agency recommends that you carry at least $20,000 in backup of sewer or drains coverage. Sometimes people can’t afford it, so they’ll only purchase $10,000 of coverage. I get it. We have to fit within your budget. But even $20,000 of coverage on a large basement is still going to be insufficient, so you should carry a much higher limit.

Cost on this per month can range as low as $10 to upwards of $20.00 a month and it may even be more depending on the coverage limit. You may not think it is necessary, but if you purchase it you’ll be extremely happy when that unfortunate event happens.

My name is Dennis McMichael, vice president of McMichael Insurance. Now you know me and now you know a little more about insurance.

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