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Well, unfortunately, insurance claims do happen. And that’s the exact reason you buy insurance. But with that said, you want an insurance agent that’s been in business long enough to have experienced many different types of claims with their clients. It’s that experience that helps us structure a proper policy of insurance for you. We understand what happens when there’s a fire loss. Who’s going to clean up the debris that’s there. And that’s exactly what Floyd is talking about in this next video.

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After the building burned and we looked at the site I was originally thinking about how we could get volunteers in there with equipment and clean up the debris. It was not just a pile of dust, it was a minefield of burnt metal components, piles of burnt timber and walls. It was a very large task. Our original thoughts about doing it with volunteers were probably not reasonable. So, we’re very thankful that the insurance covered all of the cleanup. They brought in equipment, and they were able to haul all of it off site.

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After all that, one of the last things you think about is what are you going to do with cleanup. A standard policy only pays maybe $10,000 or maybe $25,000. But Gerald had written ours such that we could pay the full $130,000 that it cost to clean up from our fire.

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Details matter, and that’s why we’re here. My name is Gerald McMichael. You know me. And now you know a little more about insurance.

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