Learn who may drive your car and be covered by your auto insurance.


If someone else is driving your car, are they covered by your auto insurance? Watch this to find out.


Who can drive your car and be covered? Well, I’ve been in the business for over 30 years and the answer has been that the insurance follows the car, until recently. That’s changed each year as more and more insurance companies are making it so that insurance follows the driver. That really changes quite a bit when it comes to coverage within the complicated insurance legal contract.

Now there are two key situations in how coverage applies, and we need to address these.

The first is the non-household driver coverage. It depends on the contract that the owner of the car has purchased. The second situation is when there is a household driver. They must be listed as a driver in the policy, and if they’re not, coverage may be denied. You want to be safe. Just make sure all household members are listed and all non-household drivers have insurance.

Let the insurance companies figure out does coverage follow the vehicle or coverage follow the driver. Coverage is going to apply underneath these circumstances, it’s just a matter of which policy is going to pay.

My name is Dennis McMichael, vice president at McMichael insurance. Now you know me. Now you know a little more about insurance.

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