If a tree falls in your yard, does your insurance cover the removal?


If a tree falls in your yard, will your insurance pay for it? Maybe not.


When high winds hit, trees can oftentimes be blown over or fall down. Falling trees can cause some serious damage. We get these calls and our clients ask what’s covered and how much are you willing to pay?

So let’s go over the different scenarios. Possibly there is a tree about ready  going to fall and just land in your yard harmlessly. Under that scenario, insurance isn’t going to come into play. You’ll just take care of that yourself. 

Now what happens if a tree from the neighbor’s yard falls into your yard harmlessly? Well, underneath your insurance coverage we’re going to cut it at the property line and you’re responsible for the part of the tree that’s on your property, even if it came from the neighbor’s yard.

Now, if a neighbor’s dead tree falls and hits something in your yard, including your house, the coverage is totally different. Instead of cutting the tree at the property line, we’re going to go back at the homeowner with the dead tree because that’s a liability claim underneath their policy. By the way, if your neighbor has a dead tree and you’re watching this video and the wind hasn’t blown down the tree yet, we highly recommend that you talk to your neighbor and put them on notice that you can see their tree is dead.

Another scenario is if the tree falls and hits your house. When it hits your house, we’re going to pay a few hundred dollars to remove the fallen tree from the house. Then we’ll pay 100%, less your deductible, to fix your house.

What happens if it hits your car or a friend’s car that’s visiting? Well, that would fall underneath the automobile comprehensive coverage, less the comprehensive deductible. And unfortunately for your friend, it would fall underneath their own auto policy.

My name is Dennis McMichael, vice president of McMichael Insurance. Now you know me now. You know a little more about insurance.

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