I saved on my home and auto insurance!


Alex Weinberg has her home, auto and new engagement ring ensured through McMichael Insurance and has saved quite a bit.


My name is Alex Weinberg, soon to be Miller.

I recently got engaged and also recently bought a home. I’m a McMichael Insurance fan. 

Their entire team has helped me throughout this entire process. I have my homeowners insurance with them, my auto insurance with them. They recently added my engagement ring on to the coverage, so they have got my back from start to finish. 

You know, they also reached out to me this year to switch me from one insurance company to another. Didn’t have to call, didn’t have to ask. They reached out to me directly to switch me over, save me money.

It’s been such a pleasure dealing with them. They’re communicative. They have my back. They make that clear every time I make a phone call to them. And I could not recommend them more.

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