I saved 32% on my home and auto insurance!


This McMichael Insurance client saved 32% on their home and auto insurance and then decided to add a life insurance policy with McMichael Insurance too.


Hi. I’m Jim Hauck, a McMichael Insurance customer.

With McMichael Insurance I feel like I’m more than just a number. Though there is one number I like: 32 percent. 32 percent is what they saved me when I switched my home and auto to McMichael Insurance.  And on top of everything, I saved even more money by putting my life insurance with McMichael.

They’ve been great to work with. Their attention to detail and making us feel like we’re just not a number is welcomed. And the personalized level of service is one of our favorite things about them.

I had some concerns about life insurance. But knowing that I also have life insurance through McMichael with a significant cost savings helps my wife feel happy and sleep better at night. 

We had some pretty strong loyalties to our previous insurance company, but they just couldn’t compare in price and coverage.

We’re so happy we made the switch to McMichael Insurance because what matters most to us is now protected.

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