How to lower your auto insurance rates.


Here are three sure-fire tips on how to lower what you pay for auto insurance.


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Recently we’ve been seeing auto insurance rates spiking. Let me give you a couple of quick tips on how to get those rates down.

The number one way to reduce your rates is the bundle discount. A lot of people are buying their auto insurance on the Internet and they’re leaving their home insurance somewhere else. Don’t do that. Give us a call. We’re going to put the coverages all together. The savings there are massive, especially with your homeowners insurance. 

Once you have your home and auto combined, the second discount is the multi-car discount. Now most people know this, right? It’s easy. You put everything together. That’s what our insurance family does. 

But what happens if you’re single with auto insurance already? There’s someone else also living in your house, and they have their own auto insurance. Simple. We can combine both insurance coverages. By putting both insurance coverages together, you and your house mate get the multi-car discount. 

The third discount is the telematics discount. It’s a fancy name for the mobile app discount. It’s the same thing. It just depends on what it’s called. That’s overlooked sometimes, but that is a discount that can be added, especially if you stay at home. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom, or maybe you just work from your home. 

Hey, give us a call. We’ll maximize all these discounts for you. It’s easy.

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