Don’t miss out on your Early Shopper discount for home insurance


The Early Shopper Discount for home insurance offers great savings, but it is only available when you first sign up for home insurance. Once you have it, you’ll never lose it.

Hey, if you’re looking for rates on the Internet, there’s a discount you may have missed. It’s called the early shopper discount. Let me explain it.

If someone calls me up today and they say, “Hey, I want to start my policy.” Our agency 100% of the time will date the policy 15 days into the future.

So, for example let’s say today is June 1st. We’re going to date the policy to begin on June 15th. That maximizes the discount with 100% of our companies.

If you call me tomorrow and say, “Start the policy today.” We’re going to say, wait a minute, there’s a discount that we put in place for you automatically and we’ll move that date so that we maximize the discount once that rate goes up. Let’s use your other insurance company for a few more days because we don’t want to miss out on your discount.

After all, with the early shopping discount if you don’t get it in the door, you never get it. Once you have it, however, you never lose it.

Give McMichael Insurance a call. We’re here to save you money.

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