Building code insurance for rebuilding following an insurance claim.


Since the time your building was constructed, the building codes have probably changed. If you’re rebuilding following and insured event, this coverage will help deal with updated codes.


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So what’s changed since you first built your building? That’s a big question especially with building code upgrades. That’s the insurance that protects you when the city, the state, or the county imposes new building codes. That’s what we’re going to talk about next.

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One of the things that could have really left us in a jam was that building codes had changed since we first built the building. We were lost when we were going through the process of rebuilding. We now needed to have an underwater water tank that could completely operate and run a sprinkler system that wasn’t in place when we originally built. But it was in place now. Those extra costs would come to about $200,000 from what our controller was telling us. Thankfully, because of the work Gerald and McMichael Insurance did, we had that cost covered in our insurance.

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You’ve got too much riding on not getting your insurance right. Give a professional at McMichael Insurance a call. We’re here to help you. My name is Gerald McMichael. You know me. And now you know a little more about insurance.

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