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When their main building burned to the ground, the folks at Skyview Ranch were thankful that they had worked with McMichael Insurance prior to their catastrophe.


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I looked out our window and I saw a giant orange haze. I stood there for a few seconds because I knew the parking lot lights at Skyview Ranch were not that bright. No light at Skyview Ranch was that bright. By the time I get to our barn and I’m looking up the hill, I actually see it’s not the field on fire, but our dining hall.

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I woke up with a text stating that the dining hall, our main facility here at the ranch, was fully engulfed in flames.  It was around when the fire broke out, apparently. So obviously the first concern would be for people. But then just to think through the program of Skyview and the ministry here. That was our was our main hub of operations. The building housed our dining facility, our kitchen, all of our offices and really some of our indoor activities.

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So, it’s early on Sunday morning and I was starting to get ready for church. When I got the call that Skyview Dining Hall was on fire I quickly drove out to the camp. I was shocked to see that this facility that we had built 16 years earlier was going up in flames. It was a devastating thing to watch, something that you spent a year and a half building burned up in 4 hours. There’s nothing that compares to the shock of watching that happen.

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One of our staff wives, Brianna, asked me. “Oh my gosh, Josh, what about our insurance?” And I told her Brianna, of all the things I’m concerned about, that’s not one of them. I had sat in all of our renewals. And even now I will admit I feel a bit clueless and out of my depth when it comes to the minutiae of how insurance works. But I knew from having those yearly conversations with Gerald and his team how well they took care of us. How they were always constantly adjusting and making sure we were in great hands. So when that fire happened and I was looking up at our main building burning to the ground, the last thing that I had on my mind was, “Oh, what are we going to do?” Because I knew we had great insurance, and we were going to be just fine.

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You’ve got too much riding on not having insurance professionals that are working for you. Give us a call. McMichael Insurance would be glad to help. My name’s Gerald McMichael. You know me. And now you know a little more about insurance.

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