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Jeanie Utz | Spring 2016


$500 “Streetsboro Resident” - Submitted By: Angela Reker

I would like to nominate Jeanie Utz for the Stand for Generosity award. Jeanie is one of those amazing people who has a generosity of spirit. She is very giving with her time, talents and treasures. Jeanie works at Streetsboro HS as an aide with special education students. She is also very active with both her church and community activities.  At Streetsboro HS, all the students know Mrs. Utz. They know she is the one who will help them with their educational challenges in the classroom. But she does more than that, she helps them grow into better young adults. She involves them in community outreach opportunities, such as helping with bingo at the local nursing home once a month. She gathers them to place pinwheels in the center of town for Pinwheel’s for Prevention campaign. Plus, she is always there to make sure a student in need gets a prom dress or a dress shirt for a job interview, and many other random acts of kindness too numerous to detail. Mrs. Utz helps with many of the events that take place with the students. Freely giving of her time and talents to help when needed. Jeanie also puts tremendous effort in organizing and supporting Streetsboro Community Christmas project every year. She works with coordinating all the high school efforts for the 100 teens that will be given gifts thru the program. For instance, this past year, thanks to her efforts, every teen received a gift card. Plus she helped coordinate teen volunteers that helped with set up for the program. She also made a special effort to personally coordinate the help of the program for needy families that were too proud to reach out to get the help anyway. She researched what these families needed and did the shopping for them. At St Joan of Arc, Jeanie is involved in helping on so many levels. She organizes the cooking and team work of the kitchen crews for fundraisers and church programs. She spent years creating the VBS kitchen station. She runs the kitchen each month for our religious ed program, implementing meals for close to 300 people Jeanie helps raise funds for the domestic violence shelter. She helps run monthly bingo at the nursing home. She helps with the annual RCIA luncheon.  There are so many more details to all that Jeanie does to share her generous gifts. Plus, knowing Jeanie, there are numerous random acts of kindness that aren’t known. My hope is that she receives some of the thanks and recognition I feel she deserves. Thank you.

Debbie White | Fall 2016


$500 “Streetsboro Resident” - Submitted By: Tracey Haynick

I think this is a fantastic way to recognize someone that does good for others and never looks for recognition!! That would be my friend Debbie White!! I have known her since third grade.. 32 years.. THE most amazing woman I’ve ever met..she will literally go without, to make sure someone she cares about won’t.. And what’s even better, she will do the same for a STRANGER! I have seen her give birthday parties for children that otherwise would never blow out a candle.. I’ve seen her give Christmas to a child that would have had none, I’ve seen her be treated poorly by someone, then turn around with grace and love and make sure that person has a roof over their head, or food for their children! I myself have been on the receiving end of her giving! My husband and I tried for years (5+) to have a baby, and when our dreams FINALLY came true, DEBBIE showed up with a truck FULL (no joke.. I have pictures) of baby stuff to help us be sure we had everything we needed.. She is just THAT amazing! She is raising her own son to be a successful member of society and have morals and the same type of heart she has, she is teaching him values and how giving others actually gives you more.. In your heart, these are the best lessons a mom can teach her children and I’m not a bit surprised her son is just as caring as she is! She is simply real, and true, and would deserve this 🙂

Flo Snyderburn | Fall 2016


$500 “Streetsboro Senior Citizen age 65+" - Submitted By: Tricia Krause

I would like to nominate my Mom, Flo Snyderburn, for your McMichael Insurance Stand For Generosity Award. My mom is the most caring, loving, genuine person you will ever meet. She gives her time selflessly to others in need. She is truly someone that you can always count on. Not only does she take good care of her two daughters and grandchildren but she is good to everyone she knows. Her friends can count on her to help them get to and from doctor’s appointments or if they need something at the store she will make a special trip to pick up whatever it is that they need. She is still an old fashioned card sender sending cards for anything from birthdays, anniversaries, get well wishes to plan old thinking of you cards with a hand written letter inside; not to mention if you were in the newspaper she will cut it out and deliver it to you so you have an extra copy! If she hears about someone passing away and she knows anyone related to the grieving family; you can count on her to go to calling hours to let you know she is thinking of you. It wasn’t until my Dad passed away unexpectedly that I truly understood the meaning of that. When 700 people showed up to my dad’s calling hours to let her know they cared about her; it was an amazing tribute to our family. She is always out delivering her homemade jellies, jams, cookies and breads. Baking is her specialty and everyone loves Grandma Flo’s treats. She honestly is a very genuine person. To know my Mom is to love her and I can assure you everyone who knows her would agree. She does not have a mean bone in her body and always puts others before herself. There aren’t very many people who will drop what they are doing to go help someone else in need. I am so proud and honored to be able to call her “My Mom”. If I turn out to be half the Mom my Mom is to me; my family will be very lucky!! Thank you for taking the time to read why I think my Mom should be considered for your honorable award.

Joanne Pem | Spring 2017


$500 “Streetsboro Resident” - Submitted By: Bill Pem

I would like to nominate my wife (AKA, Elf Hollie) who gives of her time every year to families in need. We are a Streetsboro resident where both my wife and daughter are graduates of Streetsboro High School. For the past three years, my wife has raised money through potlucks to put families in need on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad’s Polar Express. With tickets costing $50 each, you can imagine this is no easy task every year. This past year, through her giving back, she has opened the hearts of others to give back as well. This year’s recipient received 4 tickets aboard the Polar Express as well as brand new pajamas for the kids, their very own personal copy of the Polar Express book, money for them to spend in the concession car and $200 in gift cards so the family could purchase Christmas gifts.

Not only does she give these amazing packages to these families, she also volunteers as an elf about 6 nights a week aboard the train bringing smiles to all passengers as well as holding down a full time job. I had the pleasure of riding the Polar Express the night the family was on board and my wife was playing Elf Hollie and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I heard several comments throughout the train ride of how impressed everyone was with her. Riders and volunteers alike. She continues to amaze me every day with the way she brings smiles to the faces of everyone on that train. I am truly blessed and thankful to be married to such an amazing woman who puts everyone else before her. She was recently recognized through the railroad for her efforts when they made her the volunteer spotlight for the month of December. Not only is she an inspiration to me but to everyone she meets. So thank you for your consideration and I hope you find my wife as inspiring as I do.

Preston Collins (Co-Winner) | Spring 2017


$250 “Streetsboro High School Student” - Submitted By: Billie Rossman & Cindy Kolke

I am truly honored to nominate Preston Collins for the Stand Up for Generosity Award. He is truly a stand-up student and a great person.

I had the privilege to get to know Preston this year through his volunteer work with my students. I am the teacher for the students with multiple disabilities at Streetsboro High School, and at the beginning of this school year, Preston asked if he could “hang out” with my kids for one period each day. He has done a fantastic job! His kindness and patience and natural ability with persons with special needs is a wonderful gift!

Not only does he care for them, but he has also become a true friend and mentor to them. He recently joined the Recycling Club so that he could spend more time with them every day, and he sits at their lunch table every lunch period. As if this was not enough, Preston also makes deals with the kids that if they work hard, get good grades, and try new activities, he will buy them treats from the snack line at lunch. His patience, his devotion, and his love for them makes me cry tears of joy.

This essay doesn’t fully do Preston justice, but he is a kind young man who is generous with his time, his character, and his financial resources. I cannot think of a student more deserving of the Stand Up for Generosity Award.

-Billie Rossman

Preston is a senior at Streetsboro High School. I’ve worked in SCSD for over 15 years. One day I asked him if he remembered me from elementary school. He did. The students in Miss Rossman’s class, where I am an aid, play in the gym during the teachers prep. One day this school year Preston came in during ASP and started throwing the football with one of the students. He started coming every day and played with all of the students. He organized kickball games with the students. When The volleyball nets were up for PE class he would play with them. He tumbled around, did handsprings and made the students laugh. Preston eats lunch with the students every day. His being with them helps with their social skills.

He is on the baseball team and one of our students is planning on becoming the manager this year. They miss him if he is absent and can’t wait to see him the next day. He makes them laugh and he is an excellent role model for the students.

-Cindy Kolke

Brianna Saucier (Co-Winner) | Spring 2017


$250 “Streetsboro High School Student” - Submitted By: Kelly Simmons

I would like to nominate Brianna Saucier for the Stand for Generosity award. Brianna is a senior at Streetsboro High School and has been giving back to her community for many years. In fact, Brianna has over 200 hours of volunteer and community service throughout the past five years. From helping the elderly by volunteering at a nursing home to helping some of the younger members of our community purchase holiday gifts for their family members, Brianna’s dedication to service knows no age. She extends her help within our schools by serving as a mentor for underclassmen and working elementary school concession stands at Defer Intermediate sporting events. Her love for God and her love for athletics is apparent as she serves her church by singing, coordinating camps for children and teens, and coaching soccer and basketball. Brianna describes herself as a person of compassion, integrity, and determination, and I could not agree more with the words she has chosen. As her school counselor, I have personally witnessed Brianna grow into the fine citizen she is over the past two years. I know she would be extremely humbled and awfully proud to know that her service has not gone unnoticed. I enthusiastically submit this nomination for a young lady that will go on serving her community because of her tremendous heart and dedication to helping others.

Christine Motz | Fall 2017


$500 “Streetsboro Resident” - Submitted By: Diana Harrod

I am nominating Christine Motz for the “Stand for Generosity” Award. Christine is a 24 year old who has made a huge positive impact for Ohio Special Olympics, both at the local level (Portage County) and state level. She has inspired people to try many new things and that nothing is impossible. Christine slogan is “If I can do it, you can do it; we just might do it differently!”

Christine has participated in the Ohio Special Olympics Polar Plunge (going into the icy waters of Lake Erie in February, after the backhoe has scooped out the ice) to raise money for Ohio Special Olympics for the past 8 years. For the last two years, her team, “Portage Grin & Bear It”, has been the top fundraising team, in addition to herself being the top individual fundraiser. Christine has individually raised over $24,000 in the past 8 years. I know the impact of Christine’s contagious positive attitude as I have witnessed her convincing my son, teachers, a superintendent, foreign exchange students, and friends to join her in the Polar Plunge, all to benefit Ohio Special Olympics.

In addition to the Polar Plunge, Christine also helps with Pull a Plane and other fundraisers through Ohio Special Olympics. Christine’s fundraising adventures began when she sold water at her family’s yard sale and decided to donate it to her Special Olympics ice skating team. Christine knows firsthand how important fundraising is to Ohio Special Olympics. She herself is a Special Olympic athlete, and sees how much goes into hosting a State swim meet, ice skating competition and track & field meet. Christine also knows some of her fundraising money go to help Portage County athletes who cannot afford a swimsuit, track shoes or other items needed to compete.

Christina exemplifies the word “generosity”. She does what she does just to help others. When you meet her, she stands out from the rest with her winning smile and positive attitude; she truly inspires greatness and generosity!

Pete Hanna | Fall 2017


$250 “Adult who Mentors Streetsboro Children” - Submitted By: Kimberly Klein

Let me tell you the life in a day of Peter Hannum. Pete is a full time student at Kent State, majoring in education. Pete is also in the National Guard where he Protects our country. Pete also works several hours a week at a pizza shop. Pete is also the much adored Streetsboro Middle school Cross country coach. The kids in cross country just love him. Pete has recently started The Running Rockets club in Streetsboro. Children 5-12 go to practice twice a week and compete once a week at cross country meets. Pete worked extremely hard to get The Running Rockets club started. He researched how to begin a nonprofit organization , he scheduled meetings with the schools and Parks and Rec to find a place to practice. He contacted cross country leagues to get the club entered. He found sponsors to help fund the club. Did I mention the kids love Running Rockets. In one season he has over 50 Streetsboro children finding a lifelong passion of running. Did I also mention that Pete is only 23 years old. Did I mention that he has no children of his own, and is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. Pete is the most reliable, hardworking, caring person I have ever met. Most guys Pete’s age are self-absorbed and looking towards their future. Pete is looking towards his future, towards our country’s future, and towards the future of Streetsboro’s children, all at the same time. Pretty impressive for a college kid. I really cannot think of a more deserving young adult who deserves this honor.