Individual Life Insurance

Life insurance can help protect your personal assets you may have used as collateral on business loans. Your business may be the largest asset in your estate yet the most difficult for your heirs to liquidate.  This unnecessary burden to your beneficiaries may be prevented by purchasing a life insurance policy.


Buy-Sell Agreements

Life insurance may be used to buy your business interest from your family or estate should you die prematurely.  In a general partnership, surviving heirs of a partner can force liquidation of the business.  This potentially crippling business scenario may be prevented by a proper Buy-Sell agreement funded with life insurance.


Key Person Insurance

Life insurance may help to cover the expense of replacing a key employee in the business should they die prematurely.  Most businesses have a key employee who generates a significant amount of revenue for the company.  If that key employee were to die prematurely, your business may have an increased need for cash flow due to a decrease in sales or productivity.  If that key employee played a central part in your day to day operation, lenders may be hesitant to provide your business with money required to find an adequate replacement.  A Key Person life insurance policy may provide you with the additional revenue your business would need.


Key Executive Incentive Arrangements

You may be able to purchase life insurance using corporate dollars to fund tax free retirement for a business owner and or key employees.  There are numerous ways a life insurance policy can be used to create a non-qualified retirement plan you can offer as an incentive to your top employees.

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