Specialty Programs

Certain types of business require a level of expertise and specialized coverage that exceeds that of the typical main street business. McMichael Insurance has the experience to protect you from the challenges encountered in your daily operations. We specialize in offering insurance for the following classes of business:

  • Campgrounds, both private and religious affiliates – We insure them all, from private campgrounds, extreme sports camps and adventure camps, to religious affiliates. We are serious about insuring camps and you have our assurance that we will put our level of knowledge and experience to work for you with every single interaction. Simply put, we do it right or we won’t do it. Each policy we craft is tailor-made to fit the specific needs of the camps we insure. We also offer many specialized coverage types that simply are not available through the general insurance market, coverage such as Blanket Property, Agreed Amount, Trailer Spotting, Business Income Extended Period of Indemnity, Abuse and Molestation, Counseling Professional and many more. Contact a McMichael Insurance representative today for your consultation.


  • Churches and Houses Of Worship  Insurers that generally have been successful in insuring churches, synagogues and religious organizations, rely heavily on their advertising campaigns to draw business to their door steps. However, in most cases the smaller competitors offer better products and services in an attempt to gain market-share. This competitive focus inevitably results in a coverage level that the larger players simply refuse to offer. Some of the specialized coverage that we offer includes Blanket Property, Unlimited Building Property, Agreed Amount (removing coinsurance penalties), Full Limits for Sexual Misconduct or Molestation, Volunteer Liability, Broad Coverage for Church-Owned Property Off-Premises, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Counseling Professional, Clergy Personal Effects and many more. Failure of any insurer to include these specialized coverages have far reaching consequences in the event of a claim. Couple these coverage benefits with a competitive product is a win-win all the way around for your organization. Contact a McMichael Insurance representative today for a no obligation evaluation of your insurance program.


  • Daycare operations and Head Start Programs – Whether you are an in-home center, preschool, Head Start program or group center, we can specifically design a program to meet the unique needs of your business. Lines of available insurance include Property, General Liability and even Business Autos. Our offering includes many specialized coverages that cannot be found elsewhere, including: Childcare Professional Liability; Abuse and Molestation coverage; Professional License Review; and Abduction Coverage. We also provide risk management services, on-site inspection and regular safety bulletins to help you avoid unneccessary claims. Check out our resource library at Childcare Safety on Facebook.


  • Distrubutors – Wholesalers are the backbone of our economy that keep the U.S. economic engine running like a finely tuned machine. Without distributors business would stop in its tracks.  Our job is to make sure that when catastrophe strikes you are able to regain your composure and keep on shipping.  Our offering of coverage includes Blanket Property, Agreed Amount, Income Protection, Gerneral Liability, Fidiciary Liability, Directors’ & Officers’, Auto, Crime and other specialized coverage such as Liquor Liability and Product Recall.


  • Health Clubs & Gyms – When it comes to providing insurance for health clubs and gyms there are very few insurance agencies, and even fewer insurers, that understand the unique potential for loss that you face every day.  Whether you operate a local weight lifting gym, or sit on the board of an organization which serves hundreds of U.S. communities, we provide comprehensive coverage that we’ll make simply to understand and will protect you from the unexpected. Specialized coverage includes Blanket Property, Agreed Amount, Business Income with Extended Period of Indemnity, Professional Liability, Abuse and Molestation, Employment Practices and much more. Don’t leave your future to an amateur; contact the veterans of McMichael Insurance for a no cost expert evaluation of your insurance needs.


  • Home Health Care and Hospice Organizations – Our broad coverage offering for Home Health Care and Hospice providers is the right prescription for your health care business. Available coverage includes: Property; General Liability; Professional Liability; Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Liability; Theft of Customer’s Property; Directors’ & Officers’ Liability; Hired & Nonowned Auto Liability; and a whole host of other options. Be sure your RX is prescribed by a professional. Contact McMichael Insurance for all your health care insurance needs.


  • Manufacturing – We insure a whole host of Manufacturers with an eye towards those who work with metals. As longstanding members of the National Tooling & Machining Association we understand metals. We know the inherent risks of working with metals and understand the complexities of putting together an insurance program that will work to your benefit.  Contact McMichael Insurance today for an evaluation of your insurance program.


  •  Restaurants –  Whether your restaurant is a locally owned family-style restaurant, a franchise restaurant or a bar and grill, we have the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Our tailored restaurant insurance programs include many types of specialized coverage you simply cannot typically obtain elsewhere, including Blanket Property, Agreed Amount (eliminating coinsurance penalties), Income Protection that includes Loss Caused by Food Borne Contamination, as well as protection for Liquor Liability, Employment Related Practices and Third Party Discrimination. You’ve worked hard and invested time and money into your business, now let the professional of McMichael Insurance put to work for you over 100 years of practical insurance experience to create a coverage as unique as your restaurant.


  • Social service organizations


  • Voluntary Workplace Benefits – Adding value to your employment, that’s where voluntary benefits can serve as a valuable tool to the employer.  But more than that, as an employer I am sure that you truly care about your employees and their financial well being. McMichael Insurance can bring these valuable benefits to you, including: Auto & Home Insurance; Life Insurance; Disability, both Short & Long Term; Accidental Death & Dismemberment; Critical Care & Recovery; and Cancer Insurance. Our target clients include universities and school districts, nursing home facilities, municipalities, manufacturers and a whole host of large scale employers.

Listed above are simple definitions and overviews. For actual coverage, please consult your policy coverage manual.