Every business has a need for General Liability Insurance, but there are many other situations that business owners may find themselves that requires added protection. A well rounded insurance policy will include many other valuable types of protection, many of which are included under the heading of Miscellaneous Liability, while others may be endorsements to the General Liability policy. It is important here to remember that the insuring agreement of the General Liability coverage form limits its protection to claims for bodily injury, property damage, Personal and Advertising Injury; and Medical Payments. The protection provided by the General Liability form is very narrow when you consider the other activities in which a business engages.

What about wrongful activities that manifest themselves in ways other than bodily injury, property damage, or Personal and Advertising Injury? Consider the accountant that errs in his professional work and causes a client to suffer financial harm. Given the fact that financial harm is outside the scope of the insuring agreement, the General Liability policy will not provide and coverage for these errors. However, the financial harm cause by the accounts error is precisely the intended purpose an Accountants Professional Liability policy.

Above you will find the most commonly used Commercial Liability coverages and a brief explanation of their intended use.