Simplified Life Underwriting is now the solution to remove the barrier of buying life insurance.  LIMRA finds only 15 percent of all U.S. households shop for life insurance in a 24-month period. Of those, just two-thirds actually get a quote for a life insurance policy. A possible deterrent can be the time consuming and complicated nature of the full underwriting process. Fifty-two percent of potential life insurance buyers said they would be more likely to purchase life insurance if they didn’t have to go through a physical exam.

McMichael Insurance now has Simplified Underwriting.  If you fit, you can avoid the medical exam.  Yep, no peeing in a cup and no needles.  To qualify you must…

  • Be age 50 or under
  • Purchase a $500,000 policy or smaller
  • Have no medical issues identified while completing the phone application.

That’s it!  Be relatively healthy and we’ll waive the medical exam.  It’s so easy!   Call McMichael Insurance for a life insurance quote or click here for Preferred Plus rates.