Most people don’t think about the roof over their heads until it springs a leak.  Don’t wait.  The first step in determining whether it’s time to replace your roof is identifying the issues that you may notice.   Below are five items to consider.


Shingles are going to have to be replaced if there is cracking.  The magnitude of the replacement depends on how soon the issue is caught.  Cracks in shingles often lead to leaky roofs.

Wind Damage

Wind damaged roofs can be difficult to detect because it is hard to see exposed spots underneath a lifted shingle.  Be aware that a lifted shingle may cause the sealant and nails to loosen and pull away from the roof.  These issues could cause a roof to need replaced.

Exposed Nails

Depending on how long the nails have been exposed and how many there are, it may call for replacement.

Granules Missing

Roofs will lose granules through the course of time, so whether you need a completely new roof depends on the age of your roof and how many granules remain.   Check the gutters and downspouts for shingle granules—a roof that is losing a lot of granules may be at the end of its useful life.


Seeing curling shingles can mean a sign of bigger issues, like leaking, which can mean a roof replacement.  Shingles can curl because they weren’t lined up properly, they’re old, they weren’t installed correctly, you have poor ventilation in the attic, or you’ve got a layered roof.  If you see curls, it’s best to have it checked out sooner than later.

… And don’t forget the Moss

Moss spells trouble.  Moss grows into the shingle, breaking down the integrity and strength of the shingle.  To clear away, which likes to collect in the shaded corners of your roof, use a stiff brush, but be careful to address any underlying problems.


Just because you have a few damaged shingles or a bit of a leak, don’t automatically assume that you need a whole new roof.  If your roof is younger than 15 years old, it may get by with repairs rather than a full replacement.  When in doubt, contact a licensed roofing contract to get a professional opinion.