Boat & Motorcycle Safety Tips for Owners in Streetsboro, OHSummer season can be the best time of year to enjoy your boat or motorcycle. Whether you enjoy the long days, warm weather, or enjoy using your ride to relax, being a boat or motorcycle owner has its perks. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to safety this season.

Consider Taking a Safety Class – Whether you are a seasoned vet or brand new boat or motorcycle owner, taking a safety class can always improve your skill set and help you understand the risks associated with riding or driving. Even if you are consider yourself to be experienced, taking a class can provide you with additional advanced techniques (for motorcycle riders). All boat owners should understand the rules while operating on the water and be familiar with their state’s boating laws.

Check your Equipment  – If you are a motorcycle rider, take some time to review your gear. Shoes with good traction, protective textile or leather jackets, pants and gloves & owning a good helmet are all things that can protect you on the road. If you are a boat owner, look over your life jackets. Does each jacket fit correctly for each individual on the boat? Are they approved by the U.S. Coast Guard? Do you have a pre-departure checklist you can review before going out your boat?

Always be a Defensive Driver – This goes for both boat and motorcycle owners. When you practice being aware of your surroundings at all times you are on the road or water, you are doing everything in your control be a safe driver or rider.

Have a Routine Checkup Before Leaving Your Home – Both boat and motorcycle owners should have a routine checklist before hitting the road or water. For motorcycle riders this could be inspecting your tire pressure, lights, turn signals as well as your chain, belt and brakes.For boat owners, this could be checking the weather, ensuring you have a life jacket for every person who will be on the boat, locating your floatation aids, orange signal flags, whistle/horn/bell, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, proper documentation, making sure you have sunscreen, water and more.

Need to Review Your Insurance Policy?

Talk to our agency if it is time to review your boat or motorcycle insurance policy. We can have a discussion about any updates you have made to your ride, requote you with other carriers if you are not happy with your current rate, and ensure you are fully covered in the event you have to file an insurance claim.