How often have we heard the news? Another business or government entity has been hacked and customers have had their personal information exposed.

There is an important hedge against this crime: Cyber Liability insurance, also known as Cyber Security or Cyber Risk Insurance. It provides protection for a business related to all things internet. It insures against financial loss caused by ransomware extortion demands against a business and hackers gaining access to its computer systems and compromising customer data.

Cyber Liability Insurance provides protection for a wide range of legal actions made against the business following these system breaches, such as loss of confidentiality and internet privacy, required notification expenses, credit monitoring, expenses related to the credit repair for the affected parties, and actual financial losses suffered by those parties.

Media Liability, commonly referred to as Publishers Liability, is a key element of a Cyber Liability policy. Before electronic media, newspapers and magazines secured this coverage for insurance protection against print material that slandered or libeled a person or an organization’s goods, products or services, or violated a person’s right to privacy. It included protection for copyright infringement too. Now, with the proliferation of electronic publishing, Media Liability has become a critical part of a Cyber Security Insurance policy and is more important than ever.

McMichael Insurance offers Cyber Liability for a wide range of businesses and individuals including technology firms, lawyers, financial institutions, contractors, manufacturers, distributors, service businesses, retailers, offices and nearly every other type of business.

How easy is it to apply for Cyber Liability Insurance? We partner with over 30 Cyber Liability insurers, including all the top insurance companies to provide the easiest process in the insurance marketplace to buy Cyber Liability Insurance.