Dec 29, 2011

Auto Injury Claim Costs Rise

New findings from an Insurance Research Council (IRC) study of auto injury claim trends indicate that insurance claim costs countrywide have recently increased, reversing previous trends of declining or relatively stable costs. The report, Trends in Au...

Dec 19, 2011

How Rates are Determined

Ohio Insurance Premiums & How They Are Determined

Ohioans have some of the lowest insurance premiums in the United States. However, from year to year, insurance pr...

Dec 19, 2011

Why Are My Homeowners Insurance Premiums Increasing?

The short answer: weather and shared risk. When a wave of major storms strikes Ohio, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, your carrier uses insurance premiums to pay claims to help customers, like you, recover. If they expect more storms, ...

Dec 19, 2011

Weather Claims in 2011 Causing Home Insurance Rate Changes

We’ve had unpredictable and severe weather events over the past year, which have skyrocketed the amount of claims being made to insurance companies. In turn, this has forced the insurance companies to raise insurance premiums in order to remain solven...

Dec 16, 2011

Distracted Driving Stems From More Than Cell Phone Use, Insurers Say

Using a cell phone while driving is not the only distraction leading to automobile crashes today, says a group of insurance carriers. While the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) call for a national ban on cell phone use while driv...

Dec 15, 2011

Federal regulators see rise in Ohio crash deaths

Associated Press Federal safety regulators say Ohio had one of the biggest increases in crash deaths last year and was one of 16 states that saw more fatalities related to drunk driving.Continue